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Company Bios: Promoting Your Brand

Anyone promoting their company via formal company bio wants to do it well, right? The task, in and of itself, seems easy, but when you consider the overall purpose of a company bio, it may be daunting to write about your organization and support the brand in a way that highlights its best attributes, while also targeting your intended customer base. Let us delve into the fundamentals a bit.

First, the basics. What exactly is a company bio? A company bio is a brief but well put together summary of your business. This differs from a professional bio because it is not about one particular person (although you will have to talk about the company owner), it is about the entire organization, its origins, purpose, and objectives. Because organizations are constantly evolving based on market fluctuations and customer needs and preferences, company bios must be updated periodically to reflect these changes.

Why are they so essential? A professionally written company bio is an opportunity for you to solidify the relationship with your existing customers and introduce new customers to your brand. Ever heard of a good first impression? Yes, think of it as that. Company bios allow you to tell customers what they want or need to know while still maintaining control over your brand.

Where do you begin? First, start with your company name, including DBA’s and location(s). Also, add a sentence or two about the company's sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, or whatever the case may be. Next, talk about what your company does, or its purpose, and the goods and services that your company provides. Mention when the business was established, how it came to be, and include milestones, achievements, and accolades it has earned along the way. Next, detail the company’s mission, values, and vision for the future. Are there any mergers, acquisitions, or new branch openings on the horizon? Any other key organizational changes that would be appealing to your customer base? If you are excited and optimistic about your company’s endeavors, allow that excitement and optimism to shape the tone and energy of your company bio.

So, who actually reads a company’s bio? The truth of the matter is you have no way of knowing who, or how many people, will be reading. But whether this number is great or small, you always want to be ready with a clean, concise, constructive bio that will engage and attract customers. So go on and get started. The growth and development of your brand depends on it.

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