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Welcome to our Blog!

If you visited our home page, you already know that Red Lotus Press assists with memorializing your Life, Legacy or Brand. If we strip this down to bare bones it simply means we are telling the stories of your lives, family origins, and the history of your organizations.

So why do we need a blog? Simply put, many of you prefer to do this on your own without having to share all your family secrets with a complete stranger. For some, this two -step process of reflecting back on life and committing those experiences to paper comes naturally. They know how to sift their memories and string together an engaging and provocative narrative people will want to read. The have the inspiration to begin and the discipline to finish. But in my experience, these people are rare.

Far more typical are those who begin to write only to lose momentum after a few pages. Or even more common, those who never start at all. Why? Because writing a book about one’s life and deciding which memories to include is hard. And so aspiring authors procrastinate and put it off until later. And later never comes.

So, this is where our blog comes in. Here you will find inspiration, tips, and guidance to begin your wiring journey. We will talk about writing memoirs, autobiographies, family histories, company histories and even obituaries. Sometimes our advice will be technical, detailing mechanic and content. Other times we may simply provide inspiration to keep you motivated on your journey.

While we anticipate growth in 2002, right now, our team is small. In addition to me, there is a content manager, and undergraduate student interns who will provide guest blog posts. We will update the blog regularly -not exactly sure how often just yet. It could be weekly or biweekly, but monthly at the very least.

We look forward to connecting with all of you and welcome your thoughts, honest feedback, and constructive criticism. Until the next post, wishing you peace and light.


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